Mercer Mayer Stories

Where would we be without our stories. Mercer Mayer helps us with that by keeping us fillled with lots of stories and mayhem in her series of ” Little Critter Books” with the main character, Little Critter. Little Critter is always forgetting something like on rainy days he remembers his rain coat,but forgets his rain boots and on school days he gets to school on time but forgets his lunch box. Besides “I Forgot” there are others like “I Was So Mad” and”Just Go To Bed” We all have days like Little Critter. He doesn’t know quite how to get through his day yet. There are lots of great illustrations and pictures to follow Little Critter and help him to remember. These books are great for reading to your children and teaching them how to help Little Critter, so they can apply it to their everyday needs.


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