Writing With Children

I have found this book about writing poetry to be very educational. The kids enjoy it as well, which makes it even better. Writing Poetry opens up the childrens mind and imagination. It allows then to create and express their thoughts and feelings. Ideas provided for displaying and sharing student poetry include display boards, charts and banners, a newsletter, a program for a poetry reading, and a portfolio – each with complete instructions and, where needed, reproducible templates. The children are very entertained with this activity book. I recommend it highly.

Newly revised and expanded, Writing Poetry with Children makes it easy to teach these poetry forms: couplets, cinquain, haiku, limericks, shape poems, and acrostic poems. You get more than 30 reproducible writing forms to showcase poems and lots of ideas for interesting ways to display and share student poetry in grades 1-6.

http://annasrainbow.blogspot.com (art/writing supplies)

Each poetry lesson provides samples of the poetry form. Step-by-step lessons on three levels of difficulty are provided:

Level 1-students are guided through all the steps to write a poem

Lever 2-students are guided through the first few steps and then complete the poem independently

Level 3-students write independently, following the guides on a “How to” chart and a reproducible step-by-step form.

This three-level approach gives teachers the versatility to meet any student’s needs. Subjects for poems include The Sun, Birds, Rain, A Clown, Bubbles, Kittens, Motorcycle, Cowboy, Space Alien, and many more to which students will readily relate.


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