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Spring Is In The Air                                           grass-head-monster_thumb

by Betty  Bose

Editor  FreeKidsCrafts.com 

This time of year we look outside and  start thinking about Spring and the beauty that comes with it. The bulbs are  beginning to peek out of the flower beds and the grass is starting to green up.

For many of us in the northern part of the  world it is too soon to start digging and planting and for some it is already  too hot to want to spend a lot of time outside so I’ve pulled together some  activities to satisfy our desire to cultivate and use some of nature’s own craft  supplies.

For a fun beginning  activity, experiment with growing a Grass Head  Monster or a Potato  Hedgehog. This teaches young people about care and nuturing of seeds with a  short time span between planting and the grass beginning to sprout.

About a month before planting season is a  good time to start a Seedling Pot.  This project can be used to teach children  where food comes from and also encourages them to recycle as the project reuses  egg cartons.

For young people in urban areas the Indoor Greenhouse is a project that encourages  recycling by using a 2 liter soda bottle. This also makes a lovely gift for  Mother’s Day.

If you are looking for projects that make  lovely gifts, Springtime is a great  time to collect  twigs that have fallen over the Winter months. These twigs can be turned into a  beautiful Twig Vase and filled with flowers for a special friend or family  member.

These projects are a great way to whet the  appetites of our young people to get outside and prepare for Spring  planting.