Empowering Kids to Help Honeybees

BUZZ…This is a card game that teaches our children the importance of our Honeybees. Jason Poole a brilliant job with the illustrations on the front of the cards

BUZZZ: Play the Game ... Save the Bees!


I’m Kathy and BUZZZ has been a long, wonderful project that is coming to fruition.

BUZZZ is a card game with amazing honeybee art on every card thanks to our brilliant and devoted artist, Jason Poole.


Let me slow down and explain. My husband and I own a publishing company, Singing Turtle Press (singingturtle.com), and usually we publish math books and games created by my husband, Josh. In fact, we were working on a math board game that used a hex board … see below … and we were brainstorming a creative way to get kids to move pieces from one side of the board to another.

Hex Board

I said, “This looks a lot like honeycomb. Why not have a bee on one side heading towards the other side.”

My husband said something to the affect that honeybee flight would be a great way to capture a child’s imagination.


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