Jack And The Beanstalk

This is a book well written by Mercer Mayer..Mercer Mayer (born December 30, 1943) is an American children’s book writer and illustrator. He has published over 300 books using a wide range of illustrative styles. Mayer is best known for his “Little Critter” and “Little Monster” series of books.He also wrote JACK AND THE BEANSTALK and that is the one we are talking about here today!!

The illustrations are what grabs the attentions first I believe…they tend to jump out at you as if to come alive….they are the lif-a-flap design!!

Jack in the Beanstalk is an Ole English fairy tale…dating back to the 1700’s…now Jack and his mom were very poor and she trusted him to take their only cow to town to sell her to help them for a little longer, but Jack being the trusting kid that he was, met up with a man that talked him into swapping the cow for three magic beans,ha,ha, have you ever hear of such a scam?, but wait , Jack came home and showed his Mama the beans and she was so unset that she cried, oh dear, now what is Jack going to do he has never seen his mama cry before….well he just went to his room threw those crazy ole  “Beans” out the window and went to bed…..you know the rest I’m sure….Jack saw that his beans were indeed magic…so he saw the tree ran up to the castle, met the wife, she’s nice and hid him from the giant and help him escape…so he brought home a hen who laid golden eggs, bought a cow and they fixed up the farm and lived happily ever after…..Mercer Mayer does a much better job than me at story telling and aren’t we glad….

This is my short version of this wonderful story and it is only meant to build on the imaginations of the ones interested in hearing about JACK AND THE BEANSTALK!!!
Thank you!!